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Reunion Retrospective .... The date was Saturday, June 28, 2003 and it was a smashing success!  More than 150 classmates, guests and teachers attended.  This page contains "after glow" remarks by attendees.
Lucille Ely writes: I  wanted to thank all that worked on the reunion. I know it took a lot of hours to put it all together. It was great to see all the gang again. I hope we can do it again in 2005. Give my regards to everyone and thank them for me. Keep in touch and update me as needed.
Tom Richards writes: Personally, I thought it was a great reunion.
Nueme Jardin writes:  Yes it was nice to see everyone..can you believe its been ... over 50 years.. Where did the time go?  ... everyone did a great job getting everything done.. you had a very good committee
Bill Lester writes:  It was really great getting to see everyone again after all the years. I would have enjoyed some more time, very casual, for all of us to get a chance to talk together.
Earl Garthwait writes:  I enjoyed the get-together very much.
Paul Lipari writes:  My wife and me really enjoyed ourselves. I am confident everyone who attended had a fun time.
Bette Thatcher writes: Thanks so much for a great event!
Edith Pankoski writes: It was nice to see all our classmates.
Sally Seacord writes:  I really had a good time at the reunion. It was good to see old friends and I thought everybody had aged quite well, a really good looking group.  The committee did such a good job putting this reunion together. I know it was a lot of work and they really came through for us all.
Jim Griffith writes:  I had a great time at the reunion; it was well organized and well attended. Since I tried to talk to as many classmates as I could, and everyone seemed to be doing the same thing, it didn't leave much time to delve much into each person's postgraduate experiences. I hope that the next reunion allows for more catch-up time.
Ken Winegarner writes: Hey Mr. Elging and I had the best of relations in school. He had a chair with my name on it because I was in his office so many times. I would pass his office and he would make me miss my next class just so he could find out what the gang was up to. He said we had the only operating club on campus that was not authorized by the schoolboard. He was quite a man and I liked him very much.   Inez and I had a wonderful time and we would come to the next one, God is willing.  Thanks for all the committee's hard work.
Chuck Kirby writes: ...maybe some that did not make it this time will get to come to this next one.
Jean Gomes writes:  I thought everything went well
Wayne Moles writes: Thanks again to the hard-working committee; the reunion was a huge success.
Gladys Pohlman writes:  Let me know what I can do to help with the next one.
Orme Shockley writes: I can't believe it's over.  It's like we were in "fast forward".  There just wasn't enough time to chat ( and dance ) with everyone.  ...  my hat is off to the team.  ...  See you there in 2005 ?????
Ruben Gutierrez writes: Thanks to all the committee members who worked so hard and so long in planning for this reunion.
Dave Doerr writes:  I think all had a good time and would want to return.
Paul Schifano writes: I would like to thank all the committees for making this reunion a success.   Together we made that an evening we will remember the rest of our lives, and I am proud of everyone for doing their best.
Lyn Brown writes: The reunion was a great opportunity thanks to all those who worked hard to make it possible.  I'm glad you found me and even more glad I made an effort to attend.  A 5000 mile round trip has got to be worth while.
Joyce Price writes: Great job on the reunion. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Beverly Booth writes: It was a great reunion. As always the case, there was not enough time to talk to everyone. We need another one!!!!!!!!!!  
Ralph Marsh writes: The reunion was great. The only thing was that there was not enough time to visit with everybody.
Margaret Robertson writes: It was really a fun evening. The committee did a great job. I know it was a lot of work. Great to see everyone.
Louise Ladner writes: Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the photos on the Web site.  I truly was sorry to have missed the pleasure of being able to attend.
Winnie Hill writes: The party was so wonderful.  I can not express just how much I loved being there!!

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