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If they're not here, we're still waiting for them to check in.        
Bruce Abernathy, lives at 32401 Basin, Ft. Bragg, CA 95437.  Email: (Oct 2002)  We need more infomation, Bruce.
June Alessandri (Sohn), lives with her husband, Kenneth, on Bernice Way, San Jose, CA 95124.  Ken and I will have been married 46 year in June 2003.  Ken worked for Ebert Construction in San Jose until he retired.  I went to work two days a week for B of A when both my boys were in high school.  We are like old shoes; stayed here in San Jose.  I am very happy because I like to shop - shop - shop !!,  play cards, bingo and read.  I really enjoy life.  Oh yes, I love those slot machines.  So does Del Ambler ... bingo too.  I love to walk and I love people.  I talk to the devil; I donít care.  Ken and I traveled to Canada and most through lots of states in the U. S.  We too three cruises and had fun.  We were going to Italy in 2003 but forget that with the world the way it is.  The first part of August, we are going on a yacht in Maryland.  We have two wonderful young men as sons and one wonderful daughter-in-law and our joy.  Alex, our grandson, is eight years old.  One son is married and the other ... we are still hoping.  I hope this will do.  ĎHope you can read this.  Itís a mess.  I could have typed this buy my hand needed a different exercise.  What kind of help do you need (with the reunion)?  Happy New Year to you all.  (Jan 2003)
Artie Alvares, lives with his wife, the former Fran Phillips (CUHS '53), on Amato Ave., Campbell, CA 95008  Email:  I have lived in San Luis Obispo, Manteca and Campbell.  I was a Logistics Engineer at Westinghouse for 38 years.  Fran was a receptionist for a neuro-surgeon for 20 years.  We have traveled to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, the Caribbean, Nova Scotia,  Newfoundland, Island of St. Pierre, Hawaii, Canada and have driven across the U. S. twice.  My hobbies are playing golf, genealogy and gardening (Jan 2003)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageDel Ambler, lives at 624 W. Parr Ave., Los Gatos, CA  95032  E-mail (c/o Winnie Hill Lovine) (Sep 2002) Delbert passed away in Los Gatos on August 28, 2003 (Aug 2003)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageDarrol Anderson, deceased in Jan 1982.  Darrol was tragically killed at age fifty during a terrible winter storm.  He was operating a tractor trying to clear the jam in a creek in the Santa Cruz mountains when the ground gave way and his tractor overturned.  Darrol had been married to the former Beverly Scholle, a dental hygienist who had also attended CUHS graduating a couple of years after Darrol.  (Oct 2002)
Freddie Aspesi, lives with his wife, Judy, on Darwin Ave., Ceres, CA 95307.  (Nov 2002) Freddie's wife, Judy and son, Scott have a restaurant in Modesto.  The name is Dewz Restaurant and it is located at 1505 J Street, Modesto, CA 95354 (Jul 2009)
We need more information, Freddie
Dolly Atkinson (Eidshun), lives with husband, Harry, on Valley Way, Madera, CA 93637, They have two boys, three girls, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. (Jan 2003) We need more information, Dolly
Joan Arnold (Priest), lives on Umanski Lane, Veneta, OR 97487 (Feb 2003) We need more information, Joan

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