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If they're not here, we're still waiting for them to check in.       
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageLouis Tersigni, lives with his wife, Shirley on Olsen Dr, San Jose, CA  95117  Louis and Shirley married in Feb. 1997.  Both of our former spouses have deceased.  Louis has two children, a girl and a boy.  Shirley has six children, three boys and three girls.  We have eleven grandchildren and one on the way. (May 2003) Louis D. Tersigni, born Dec 28, 1930, passes away in San Jose on Nov 20, 2006.  He is survived by his wife, Shirley and his children, Cheryl Cashman and Mike Tersegni. (Nov 2006)
Louie Tersini, lives on Bicknell Road, Los Gatos, CA 95030  (Feb 2003) We need more information, Louie
Bette Thatcher (Welker), lives at 3427 Invicta in San Jose, CA 95118. Email: After graduation, I became a beautician. I was married for 23 years and have five children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  While married, we lived in Saratoga and traveled to London, Paris, Mexico and the Bahamas.  Iíve cruised to the Caribbean five times.  Iíve been a Scientologist since 1978 and been very active in the Citizens Commission for Human Rights, a group that investigates psychiatric abuses.  I enjoy taking my grandchildren on outings to Santa Cruz, Tahoe and Angels Camp. I have a cleaning service I started in 1989.  I have three employees and 40 customers.  I am looking forward to a reunion to see all my classmates again.(Sep 2002)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageWarren Thorpe,  I regret to inform you that Warren died on July 12, 1990.  He had a family inherited heart condition that kicked in very unexpectedly when he was 59.  We were married in Sep. 1956 and had 34 good years together.  He was a very successful hospital consulting Engineer in Southern California.  We had one son in 1959 - he is the joy of my life.  We bought our home in Ft. Bragg in 1986 and had three-and-a-half great years here together.  I am still here and attended the 50th reunion for the class of 1952 last September.  I hope Warren is remembered fondly - he never lost his love for music although he didn't play his trumpet anymore.  Sincerely yours, Marilynn Market Thorpe (CUHS Class of '52)   Email:  (Apr 2003)
Nadine Tinsley (McManama), lives in Redding, CA (Jan 2003)  We need more information,Nadine.
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageJoyce Velander (Holt), deceased July 1984 in Carson City, NV.  Joyce was married to Jessie Holt, also of the class of 1950 (Jul 2002)
Joanne Velander (Cutting), lives on Elm Park Court in Los Gatos, CA 95030  Email :  I have three children and five grand children.  My oldest son is a pilot, the youngest is a mortgage broker.  My daughter is a substitute teacher. In 1987 I received my M.A. in Counseling Education at S.J.S.U. I have lived in Berlin, Germany, Japan and travelled to many European Countries. My hobbies are walking, Creative Writing and Book Club. (Jan 2003)
Chuck Venezio, lives with his wife, Joanne, in Ione, CA 95640. Email:  Upon departing Campbell High in 1950  with, I'm sure, the great joy of Mr. Hill and his staff, I ventured out into the great world. (This concluded 12+ years of education in which I attended 26 schools)  My diploma was mailed to me some months later.  I do regret (as did my mom) that I did not return for the June ceremony.  I went to work driving truck for my step-dad immediately and had a great summer until the draft became interested in my future.  In December 1950, with Don Coronado and two former SJ High buddies, I joined the Navy.  This started four great years of my life.  I went aboard the USS Des Moines (CA134) and sailed the Atlantic, Arctic, Mediterranean and Caribbean seas for two years as a Radioman.  I went to submarine school in 1953 and reported aboard the USS Wahoo (SS565) and sailed Pacific and Asian waters for two years.  I returned home in early 1955 and had a short marriage and one son, Bob and an adopted daughter, Debra.  I then attended SJ City College, received an AA degree and then to SJ State and a summer session at Santa Clara.  I regretted never finishing. I worked at Southern Pacific while attending college then drove a truck for a couple of years. In 1958, I met a beautiful blonde girl and this really changed my life style.  Joanne Woosley graduated from Los Gatos in 1952.  She had three children; Larry, Michael and Deborah (Kewt).  We were married in Sep 1959 and had two children; David and Charles (Chip).  So we ended up with yours, mine and ours.  Unfortunately, we lost Michael in 1982 at the age of 28. At this time, I thought I should get a "real job" so I got off the truck and went to work for Safeway and spent five years at the Los Gatos/ Santa Cruz Avenue and Kooser Road stores.  I left Safeway in 1965 and managed liquor stores for 14 years (West Valley Bottle Shop at Prospect & Saratoga Aves and Foothill Plaza Liquors in Los Altos)  The stores were sold so I went on the street for 22 years selling liquor and wine. (Regal Beverages - Redwood City and House of Daniels - Novato)  My territory was San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties.  I supplemented my income by bartending in the local area.  Joanne retired as a senior escrow officer after 25 years with Old Republic Title.  We recently sold our home on Ridgeley Drive in Campbell and our "get away" home in Capitola and moved to a new home on Castle Oaks Golf Course in Ione, CA.  We enjoy traveling, cruising, entertaining and visiting unknown locations.  Joanne enjoys gardening, antiques and working on our home.  We recently visited Oregon.  It was ďMy 50th StateĒ - never set out to accomplish this feat - all in all, it has been pretty good ride.  I am still active in the United States Sub Vets and I have been trying to get a ride on a "Nuke" (Nuclear Submarine) but my time is running out.  My best to you all and I hope to see you soon.(Jan 2003)
Harry Walters, lives with his wife, the former Linda Bernstein, on Washburn Ct. in McLean, VA 22101. Email: and  We have three boys, a girl and four grandchildren.  After Campbell, I have lived in Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C., Virginia, Germany, Italy, Kenya and Ukraine.  I have traveled most of the world (70+ countries) including Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala.  Most travels have been for work but some for pleasure.  Occupations: Drove a truck (high school and college); taught economics and economic history at U. of Washington (Seattle); served in the US Army in Germany; worked for the US Dept. of Agriculture (10 years), Asian Development Bank in Manila (one year), World Bank (23 years), UN World Food Council in Rome (4 years) and the US Agency for International Development (4 years).  My wife also worked for USDA and USAID.  I would certainly plan to attend a reunion. (Aug 2002)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageGerry Wegner, deceased July 18, 1986 in Los Gatos, CA  after a long illness.  He was married to the former Ruth Ann Phillips (CUHS '55), had two sons, James and Kenneth, and four grandchildren (Feb 2003)
Les Wilkerson, Email:  I live in Sacramento, pretty much all the time since 1950. My wife's name is Eleanor. Most of my working life I have worked Civil Service. Almost all Dept. of the Air Force. I have been retired for 15 years. I play golf once a week (not very well).  We live in a mobile home park.  Sometimes I do handy man work. I am a locksmith working mostly in the park. I don't make much money but it keeps me off the streets and out of the bingo parlors.(Apr 2002)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageJack Williams, deceased.  (Dec 2002)  Does anyone have any more information?
Max Williamson, lives on Ogden St., Anaconda, MT 59711 (Dec 2002) Max's address is now PO Box 546, Trego, Montana 59934-0546 (Jul 2009)
We need more information, Max
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageLinn Wilson, died January 7, 2001 in Pollack Pines, CA
Joan Wimbley (Phillips), lives in Campbell, CA (Jan 2002) We need more information, Joan
Ken Winegarner, lives with his wife, the former Inez Donahue, at 11904 Allbrook Drive, Poway, CA 92064-4104.  Email:  While attending CUHS,  I lived at 523 South Bascom Ave. San Jose CA. and you might better remember me as 'Gangster', 'Wino' or 'Red' as I was sometimes known in high school.  But now my lovely wife, Inez, and I have two children and two grandchildren and we will celebrate our 50th on June 19, 2003.  I spent 27+ years in the Air Force and have lived in the San Diego area most of the time.  I have now retired from General Dynamics.  I play lots of golf and we travel; mostly in the U.S. as I had enough overseas travel while in the service.  We are both in good health and would be glad to see any classmate who are in the area. Give us a call at (858) 486-3342 and if you play golf, bring your clubs. (Jan 2003) Hi This is Ken Winegarner. I'm Still ticking, Our home is near San Diego in the city of Poway, CA  92064.  My wife and I will be at the up coming (Santa Cruz) reunion, see you there. If any of you are in or near San Diego please call us (858) 486-3342. (update May 2005)
Loraine Wood (Hancock), lives with her husband, Noble, on Mapache Drive, Portola Valley, CA 94028 (Aug 2002) We need more information, Loraine
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageMinoru Yamate, deceased Jun 26, 2001 from cancer.  Mino lived with his wife, Emie (the former Emie Yuki of Cambrian Grammer and Los Gatos High Schools) on Summit Road, Los Gatos 95033. They had five children. Mino obtained his M.D. degree at the U. of Michigan and practiced medicine with a specialty in allergies.  Mino was very highly regarded as an effective, honest, and generous leader of the Japanese-American community in the San Jose area. (May 2002)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImagePete Young, According to the San Jose Mercury News of June 7, 1953 (on Page 1), Pete Young died in a car crash on June 6, 1953. He was driving on Winchester Blvd and apparently dozed off and hit a tree near Williams Road. He was a junior at the University of California. According to the paper, he was a member of the ROTC. (Jun 2003)

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