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If they're not here, we're still waiting for them to check in.       
Phyllis Nelson (Habersatt), lived at 20110 Hwy 36, Blachly, OR 97412.  (Sep 2002) I have two step daughters and three of my own. Vicky, who is a web designer, Louis is a log truck driver, Leland Jr. is a licensed well driller, Kim, the oldest, lives is Packwood, WA.  Barbara lives in Redding, CA. Vicky and Leland live in Blachly, OR and Louis lives in Pleasent Hill, OR.  I met my husband, Leland,  as a blind date and were married July 4, 1958.  He passed away October 3, 1996.  I have a female pit bull named Sheba.  She is about the biggest coward you will ever find.  She is afraid of her own shadow.  Believe it or not, I am a trained firefighter and a volunteer on our local fire department.(Source:  Phyllis passed away peacefully in her sleep on Apr 6, 2003  (May 2003)
Clara Nunez (Martinez), lives on North 25th Street, San Jose, 95126   After graduation, I worked for three summers at Del Monte.  I married Frank Martinez in 1955 and for the next 15 years, I stayed home and raised five children.  Then I went back to school and became a Certified Medical Assistant.  I worked for Drís Fox, Johnson and Shea for five years and for Dr. Quesenberry for the next 18 years.  I was widowed in Nov 1997 after 42 years of marriage.   I have lived in my present home for 37 years.  Because my girls married and moved away, I had the opportunity to travel.  My oldest daughter married a Navy Seal so I had the good fortune to travel to Virginia Beach, VA and from there to Washington D. C. to visit the Smithsonian of American History, then to New York and the Statue of Liberty, then to Alaska (Anchorage, Kodiak and Craig, Prince of Wales Island). My youngest daughter lives in Georgia so Iíve had the opportunity to visit her there in Atlanta.  With her and her family, we visited The Grand Ole Opera.  In Nov 2002, I went on a cruise with her and her family to the South Carribean.  Two of my boys live in Sacramento and one lives here at home with me.  Did I mention that I have 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren?  I am now retired and on the move again.(Jan 2003)
Ned Ohara, deceased Oct 28, 1994 (Mar 2003)
John Oldham, lives with his wife, Maryann, on Anne Way, San Jose, CA 95124.  We have three girls and six grandchildren.  Maryann was a Home Economics and Special Education instructor.  I coached baseball at Campbell High, Westmont High, San Jose City College and Santa Clara University.  I am now retired but work (with flexible schedule) as Director of Umpire Development for the California League. (Aug 2002)
Carol Olson (Clark), lives with her husband, Bill, on Crystal Dr., Three Rivers, CA 93271.  I lived in the San Jose area for a total of 27 years. I married Don Merrill; we divorced.  After a few years, I met and married Don Christian.  We had one daughter, Careen.  I worked for FMC in Santa Clara for five years and I also worked for the City of Santa Clara and for Stewart Title for several years.  Don and I divorced after 14 years.  I met my true love, Bill Clark of Visalia, in Monterey in 1970.  My daughter and I moved to Visalia where Bill and I married in 1972 and lived there for seven years. I sold real estate and had my licence for twenty years.  Bill worked for Tulare County for 35 years and retired as Agriculture Commissioner in 1989.  We moved to Three Rivers in 1979 where we have now lived for 23 years.  My daughter, Careen Christian, married John Carter and have a nine year old (Cody) and a six year old (Carlee).  Bill and I are both artists and do oil and water color paintings.  We have a motorhome and love to go to San Simeon & other places.   We also fly to Maine each year to visit Bill's son, Perry and his wife and two children.  Bill's other two sons, Marvin & Andy love close by and have five children between them.  We also love Mazatlan, Mexico and go there each year.  We both love Arizona and New Mexico and we collect Indian paintings, rugs, kaghinas, etc.  Our home is totally decorated Southwest.    I have two sisters, Ede and Betty and a brother, Ray.  My Mother, Alice is 98, is in good health and lives in San Martin with my sister,  I attended my sister, Edith Olson's 50th reunion in San Jose in September.  (Jan 2003)
Phyllis Orlando (Chappell), lives on Chambers Dr., Campbell, CA  95118  (Nov 2002) We need more information, Phyllis
Edith Pankoski (Machado), lives with her husband, Hank, on Uvas Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037  Email:  I have been married 45 Years. I have five children & eleven grand children, all living in Northern,CA. My husband retired from Ford Motor Company in 1993 and I retired at the same time. We are enjoying the good life. We enjoy taking a cruise or traveling to places that we have not yet seen. (Dec 2002)
Joan Paulk (Williamson), lives with husand, Don, on Eriswell Dr., Roseville, CA 95747  (Jan 2003) We need more information, Joan
Connie Pattavina (Stornetta), lives on Ravenwood Dr., Saratoga, CA 95070. Email: I have three wonderful children (one boy and two girls) and three grandchildren (one girl and two boys). For the first 30 years I stayed at home and had a small sewing business so I could raise my children. When I remarried, I went to work; five years with the 3M Co., 12 years with Lockheed and now I am finally retired. I was into bowling for 25 years. Now I am into golf and I love it. (Oct 2002)
Delores Perry (Hitchman), lives on Elden Drive, San Jose, CA 95124 (Mar 2003) We need mor information, Delores
Sharon Petersen (Shay), lives on Northbridge Way, Boise, ID 83706-5937  Email:    I was married and had five children, two boys, three girls, 12 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. I got a divorce and went to work and to school.  I think I finished at least one class in every college in the Santa Clara County plus Santa Cruz U.   My division moved out of the Santa Clara Valley to escape the smog.  Working in Washington state in a white building with a blue roof was a joy.   The landscaper planted peach trees in the parking lot; they bloomed three times a year.  I canít tell you how many photographs I have of pink blossoms against a blue roof.  Most of my children live in Boise so I retired here where I can watch my grandchildren grow.  They are fun!   Iím trying to learn more about PCís, write letters to the paper off and on and sometimes a little poetry.  We keep busy. Sharon adds:  I changed the spelling of my last name when I got my birth certificate for a security clearance and saw the way it's spelled.  My aunt said that first cousins in Racine spell it four different ways. (Jan 2003)
Neil Phillips, lives on Sycamore Ave., Patterson, CA 95363 (Aug 2002)  Neil, a graduate of UC Davis and an agricultural consultant, passed away  Jan 9, 2008 in Patterson, CA. Neil was a third generation Californian and lived on a farm once owned by his grandparents. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Carolyn. (Jan 2008)
Gladys Pohlman (Schoennauer), lives at 7025 Mesa Dr., Aptos, CA 95003.  Email: Married 43 years; recently divorced.  I met Rene at SJSU, married, moved to Seattle, WA  where Rene was employed by Boeing Aircraft as an aeronautical engineer - transferred to Lockheed, Sunnyvale, overcome by the bureaucracy, quit Lockheed and became owner of a car wash in Campbell.  When we were building our beach house at Seacliff, we became acquainted with cabinetry.  We sold the car wash and bought a cabinet shop, built custom cabinets for 30 years as well as houses, boats and airplanes on the side.  

Our four children: Stephen, lives in Sonora, CA with his wife and five children, is a building contractor.  He recently purchased a 58' sailboat in Miami, sailed it (with his 14 year old son) through the Panama Canal to its new home, the Santa Cruz boat harbor.  Once a sailor, always a sailor, as he was a teen-age commercial fisherman.   

Nancy, a SJSU financial major alumni, is married to Ken Swenson (Civil Engineer).  They have two children and reside in Fairfield, CA..  

Karen, also an SJSU alumni, is married to Brad Streeter (Structural Engineer).  They have three children.  Karen is an architect and shares office space with Brad in Soquel, CA.  Brad has engineered many roller coasters, most familiar one is in our area in the ROAR in Vallejo, CA.  

Renee lives in  Santa Cruz.

When I wasn't working on "the books", I was a stay-at-home mom until the kids were grown, then moved into my kids elementary school as a paid educational aid.  I retired after 17 years and here I am, fully enjoying the pleasures of home, travel, 10 grandchildren, one great-granddaughter and good health. (Sep 2002)
Lon Polk lives at 1031 Nuuanu Ave #2001, Honolulu, HI 96817.  E-mail:
. (update Dec 2006)  Received a BA at SJS in 1954. Navy superconnie pilot 'til 1959. UMich. economics abd 1963. College prof and Detroit Land Use Study economist to 1973 (my yippy days) City planner in Honolulu '74-88. Avid sailor, certified diver, delivery skipper, 40,000 blue water miles. Retired 1988 and never looked back.  Most vivid memory of high school: Playing Henry Aldridge in the senior play. (Source: 2002)
Donald Porter worked at radio station KBAY for many years and then decided to move to Chowchilla where he worked for KUBB which is a country music station. He passed away on Aug. 3, 2003 of cancer. (Jun 2005)
Robert Pracna died October 10, 1998 in Santa Clara
Joyce Price (Fisher), lives with husband, Don, at 3124 N. Monroe, Stillwater, OK 74075.  Email:  We have one boy, two girls and five grandchildren.  I graduated from San Jose High (because our family moved my last semester) but always was a member of the Campbell High School class at heart.  I left California in 1951 to attend Eastern New Mexico University.  I was married in 1953 and moved to Borger, Texas.  Don served in the U. S. Army.  Our son was born in El Paso, TX.  We returned to Borger, TX  where Don was an engineer for Phillips Petroleum Co.  Our two daughters were born there.  We transferred to Stillwater, OK. in 1968 where Don helped start up a rubber hose plant (Swan). I attended Oklahoma State, graduating in 1978.  We were transferred to Ohio in 1978 but returned to Stillwater in 1982 for an independent business. In 1984, I received an MS in Student Counseling and worked for the university until my retirement in 1995.  Don retired from New York Life the same year. We have enjoyed traveling to Europe, Mexico, Africa and around America.  My hobbies are visiting grandchildren in Bakersfield, CA., Albuquerque, NM. and Gamborone, Botswana; gardening, reading for information and pleasure, sewing creative projects, cooking, yoga, walking and loving life. (Nov 2002)

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