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If they're not here, we're still waiting for them to check in.        
Henry Haggard,  lives with his wife, the former Shirley Crook ('50) on Rinconada Dr., San Jose, CA 95125 (Feb 2003) We need more information, Henry
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageJulia Haggard (Kyser),  deceased Apr 1991 (Feb 2003)
Art Hannibal, lives with his wife, Weedy, on Sunburst Dr., Paradise, CA 95969 (See update below) . Email: (update May 2005)  I was in the U. S. Army from July 1950 until July 1953.  I served two terms in combat in Korea; first term - 1st Cavalry Division, second term - 2nd Cavalry Division.  In 1953, before being discharged, I was on maneuvers at Camp Desert Rock, NV and sat under three atomic bomb explosions.  After discharge, I worked for the S. P. Railroad for six month and found it was not for me.  I then went to work for the Greyhound Bus Company as a driver and stayed in that position for 20 years.  Then I went to work for the County of Santa Clara as a Road Supervisor for the Transit System.  In 1982, we moved to Magalia which is 100 miles north of Sacramento in the Sierra foothills; altitude about 3200 ft.  The reason for the move was that our third son was allergic to smog in Santa Clara Valley and was not going to survive.  In Magalia, I purchased a small fencing company and ran it until 1993.  I sold it and worked a short time as a Special Order Clerk at a Home Base store in Chico which is a 40 minute drive from Magalia.  In 1995, I took my retirement and became known as “Mr. Mom” for my youngest son and daughter.  My wife, who works for Pacific Bell, traveled a lot so I did the cooking, washing and general care for the children.  My wife is 21 years younger than I so she will be working a few more years before she can retire.  I have three sons and two daughters and have been married three times.  My present wife and I have been married 25 years.  My present wife is of Hawaiian decent.  Yes, we do visit Hawaii very frequently. (Jan 2003)  Since my last communication we have moved to Paradise from Magalia. It is only 10 miles away but a very different climate. We are now much closer to shopping, schools and work. (update May 2005)
Geri Hegg (Corson),  lives with her husband, Doug, on Golf Ct., Barrington, IL 60010   I had three children.  They were Ron Aspesi - born 1953 - lives in Arnold, CA, Cyndie Aspesi - born 1954 - died 1986, Randy Aspesi - born 1958 - died 1976.  Ron is married to Teri who has four children and three grandchildren.  My husband, Doug has two children and six grandchildren.  Doug and I have lived in California, Michigan and Illinois.  Doug was with the Lifesaver Company in Michigan and now owns his own business in Illinois.  We do a lot of traveling for the business (We are now in California).  We have been in all 50 states and have traveled extensively in other countries.  We both love to travel for business and pleasure.  Doug and I are golf nuts and golf where we live and when it is cold, we golf in warmer areas.  When I lived in San Jose, I worked at the bank then became a Medical Assistant for four years until we moved to Michigan. (Jan 2003)
Dudley R. Herschbach, lives with wife, Georgene, in Lincoln, MA.  They have two daughters, Lisa and Brenda.  click here to see autobiography (1987)
Joan Hild (Hartman), lives with her husband, Bud "Red", on Freda Ct., Campbell, CA 95008 We have lived in Campbell since getting married in 1957.  I have lived in Campbell since 1938 in the same neighborhood.  My husband worked for Wilson’s Bakery for 43 years.  I worked in the bakery business for awhile then the four children kept me really busy.  After the children left, we rode Hondas; I had one and my husband had one.  We went to Texas three times on the bikes.  We both also dirt biked with motorcycles.  We had three or four trailers and a motor home.  We have camped and traveled all over the western part of the states for 46 years.  We have one boy, three girls, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. (Jan 2003)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageClarence Hill lives at 13755 Dolphin Dr., Saratoga, CA  95070.  Email:  I lost my wife of almost 45 years, Maureen, four-and-a-half years ago, suddenly to a heart attack.  I have five grandchildren ranging in age from nine to 23 years. I am currently enjoying my life companion, Ingrid Koerber, and we have been traveling cross-country two or three times a year.  I am currently splitting living between Saratoga and my beach house in Santa Cruz. (Oct 2002)  Clarence Hill passed away peacefully at his Santa Cruz home on July 14, 2003. (Jul 2003)
Winnie Hill (Lo Vine), lives in Twain Harte, CA 95383-1145 (P. O. Box 1145)  In June of 1950, I became engaged to Jerry Lo Vine (midterm 1950). Darlene Mink and Wayne Moles were with us at Jerry’s parents home in New Almaden. It was a surprise graduation engagement though we had planned on getting married that year.  In December 1950 we were married at the old Congregational Church on what used to be Central Ave. in Campbell but was torn down years later and now is the site of the police dept., city hall, etc.  While a senior I was in the first merchandising class at Campbell High and was working half-day at Sears Roebuck in down-town San Jose on First St. I believe Mr. Kemp was the teacher and I would love to contact anyone who was in that class. Jerry was midterm 1950 , took all the tests and graduation pictures but did not graduate with us.  In the winter of 1951 we had our son, David who was born at the old O'Conner Hospital on San Carlos St.  In the spring of 1952 we moved to a dairy farm in Freedom, New York.  Freedom is in Western N.Y., south of Buffalo; a very cold place indeed as the Canadian winds sweep over Lake Erie and head right to our county. We of course were not aware of the very different living conditions we would be encountering but it did not take long to learn how to chop wood, build a good fire and hunker down for the long winter. We always said, "If you can live south of Buffalo and make it thru the winter with a pot bellied stove on a dairy farm, you can survive anything." We actually loved farm life and stayed there for six-one-half years. We also had our daughter Michele there. We then moved to the nearest village, Arcade, and lived there in a sweet little house for six more years and that is where our daughter Margaret was born.  Jerry worked for the village electric dept. and was the town tree man.  I worked for Motorola which had a large production plant in town.  I worked there for six years.  I was a rework person and a technician testing voltage regulators and alternators. We moved back to California. in 1964 and bought a house in Cupertino where we lived for 24 years. We also had our last child, Molly, at the new O'Conner Hospital by SR-17.  Eventually I went to work in Palo Alto for Melabs. I did pre-production-engineering work and really always loved my jobs.  Leaving Melabs in 1968, I started working at what was then called Applied Technology. It was a wonderful place and I always worked in engineering as a prototype assembler. They were bought by Litton Industries and we moved to Sunnyvale for 20 years and then to south San Jose for ten years. Luckily, being in prototype, I was sent to many places to train others or do modifications on military equipment. It was a great job; always interesting and state-of-the-art work. Being in an engineering atmosphere is always fun and changing every day, especially hands-on work.  I retired in 1997 but the next week started with a small startup company in San Jose which designs chips and does a lot of GPS design work. I still work part-time when I am in S.J.  Jerry worked as an electric lineman for P.G.& E. for many years and as a P.I. for Davey Tree for many years.  We got divorced after 36 years of marriage but remain good friends to this day.  A year ago I actually moved to the house in Twain Harte and really love it here in the Sierras.  Jerry, our son and two daughters live in Santa Clara Valley and our daughter Margaret and her family live up here in Sonora.  We had four children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandson.  I still have two sisters and three brothers whom I see a lot of and we are all in good health. Our youngest brother Bob, lives in the family home on the corner of Capri and Parr in Campbell.  There were eight Hill kids and just this past Nov. we lost our dear eldest sister Annie. Seven of us graduated from Campbell High; Sheila, Marion, Bill, Dan, Winnie, Tommy and Bob.  We ALL Loved growing up in such a place as Campbell, California !!  My life has always been blessed; loving parents, brothers and sisters; a loving husband, children and grandchildren; loving friends and work friends; great health (those Scottish and English Genes); great luck in life!  Wonderful travels around the world with family, work assignments and friends!  Lots of hobbies including antiquing, painting, writing, history society, genealogy studies, gardening, taking photos since young (lots of memories there to draw upon) walks in all parts of the world, lots of laughter, music and now these past few years my friendship with a childhood friend Delbert Ambler.  My future? I used to want to live to be 100 years old but now with all the new projects here in Twain Harte I will have to live to be about 105 to accomplish them!!  P.S. Do any of you girls remember Camp Wastahi from Camp Fire Girls? Who remembers the Merchandising Class in our senior year?  How many of you worked at Hunts Cannery ? I worked there the summers of 1948 and 1949. I just found my class ring and love it! (Feb 2003)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageJessie Holt, deceased Mar 17, 1998 in Carson City, NV.  Jessie had been married to Joyce Velander, also class of 1950 (Jul 2002)  He was a salesman. (1970)
Dorothy Hohman (Kilian), lives with her husband, Jack, on Corte Madera Ave., Corte Madera, CA 94925. We have one daughter and two grandchildren. Life after Campbell High ---- a few years at San Jose State (5) — a move to the big city ---- after several years of living in San Francisco, moved to a large barge in Sausalito where there was a “boy next door” whom I later married. Five years of living in a San Francisco flat gave us the urge to become suburbanites. We found a half acre lot (much of it on a hillside) for which my husband, an architect, designed the house. And after twenty-five years, we are still there. During out forty-one years of marriage, we have crossed the U. S. to Indiana many times where we visited my husband’s family and attended some of his high school and college reunions. We now cross the U.S. and the Atlantic to visit our daughter and her family in France. This means we sometime have to speak French. This has led to a Bachelor’s Degree in French for my husband after he retired from P.G.&E. As for me, I plug along in French group. The rest of my time is taken up with a reading group of which I am the leader as a costume designer and (sometimes) for a group of women who put on a show for the children in early March. I also devote some time to tennis (level 3.5) in the Marin League. A little housework (as little as possible) rounds out the rest of my daily activities.(Oct 2002)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageJune Horio, deceased circa 1983 (Feb 2003)
Bill Hubbard, lives with his wife, Lori, in Salem, OR. Email:
 (Nov 2002)  Lori and I will celebrate our 50th this year (2008).  We have two sons, two daughters and eight grandchildren.  We have lived in Salem, OR about 30 years and love the area.  We moved here from San Jose when the area just got too crowded.  In the past,  I have been a scout master and love working with kids.  I now work with the middle and high school groups at our church.  Lori has been the librarian at church until she suffered an illness in November 2007.  She spent six weeks in the hospital but is now on the path to recovery.(Mar 2008)

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