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If they're not here, we're still waiting for them to check in.
Kenn Barton, lives with his wife, the former Betty McCrary (CUHS class of '51), at 90 Juniper Bend, Kalispell, MT  59901.  Email: KENNBET@MSN.COM  (May 2005)  Betty & I raised three boys & one girl (Lost one son in a car accident 1976)...Now have 14 grandkids & four great-grandkids.  I worked in Silicon Valley for Westinghouse, Lockheed, ISS, Tandem and Rational. We have lived in Florida, Texas, Carson City, NV and now in beautiful Montana.  I am now retired and enjoying working around our home. We live on a golf course...sure wish I golfed.  However, we do enjoy watching the golfers and listening to their "Comments". (Jan 2003) We are living in Boise temporarily. I am doing some consulting work here . Will return to Montana sometime next year. Betty and I celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary this year. Can't believe the years have passed so quickly!  Not sure yet if we will be attending the Re-union...if not, have a great time! (Jun 2005)  See "Comments" from Darlene Moles regarding Betty McCrary (July 2009)
Betty Bailey (Brusaschetti), lives in Paradise, CA.  (Apr 2000)
Marie "Becky" Bechlen (Stephens), lives in the Westgate area of San Jose and has been at this address since 1966. Before that I lived for sixteen years on Fourth Street in Campbell - just a few blocks away from Campbell High. My two daughters gave me five wonderful grandchildren. The oldest now lives with me and attends San Jose State University. I''m looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion. E-mail: (Jan  2003)
Victor Berg, lives with his wife, Gail, on Culpepper Place, Stockton, CA 95207. E-mail: We have one boy and one girl and three grandchildren.  I graduated from San Jose State in 1954.  In 1955, I was married and finished my graduate year.  I was drafted in the US Army ('55 - '57) and was stationed in New York City in a Nike missile unit.  From 1957 - 1992 I taught physical education and coached football and basketball at Edison High School in Stockton.  Our hobbies are snow and water skiing and world travel.  We have traveled from Kenya to Moscow with a lot of countries in between. (Aug 2002)  In 1957 Coach Berg came to Stockton and was hired to teach and coach at Marshall Junior High School.  It was his intent to stay one year and then return to his home town of Campbell in the Santa Clara Valley.  One year led to two and then to thirty five years.  When he was selected to teach and coach at Edison High School he knew that he had found his professional home. Coach Berg taught and coached baseball at Marshall for four years and at Fremont for three years.

At Edison he taught physical education and coached baseball for twenty eight years.  He also coached football for fifteen years at Edison.  He was also the chairman of the physical education department.  Coach Berg also served as sponsor of the Edison Ski Club.  At Fremont he was the athletic director and chairman of the physical education department.  At Edison he was selected, twice, to coach the city county all star Optimist baseball game.  He also coached the Tracy Rotary all star game.  On his retirement he was selected to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Rotary all star game.

While at Fremont he was selected to be the chairman of physical education for the entire Stockton Unified District. During retirement he is currently serving his fifth term as President of the Stockton Institute for Continued Learning at Delta College.
Coach Berg received his Bachelor of Arts and his Masters degree from San Jose State College.

Coach Berg has always been a family man, being married to Gail for fifty-three years and the father of a son, Chris, who lives in Yuba City and a daughter, Susie, who lives with our Lord in Heaven.  Susie gave us three grand children, Daniel, Ethan and Haley.  The coach is proud of his family.  World travel and snow and water skiing have been hobbies that the coach enjoyed.
“I have so much to be thankful for as I have led a blessed life. With the one terrible exception of the loss of our beloved daughter, Susie, life has been good to me.  When the baseball stadium was named in my honor, I thought that I have achieved the ultimate acclaim, but being named to the Edison Hall of Fame continues the honors and enforces the fact that I am blessed.”   (Sep 2008)
Bob Beth, lives at 905 Mears Court, Stanford, CA 94305-1041  E-mail: (May 2009) I retired from Stanford as Director of Risk Management, Emeritus in 1996 after a 35 year career with the university. Patti and I have three sons and two grandchildren. We provide child care for the grandchildren and care for three elderly relatives. We have busy lives and enjoy each day we are blessed. I continue to jog four or five miles each day and work out in the weight room five days per week. We enjoy and learn from our bible study group and find pleasure in our travels.  Regards and God bless you one and all.  (Jun 2002)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageAdrianne Bianucci, deceased prior to 1950.  Memorialized in the 1950 year book
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageLouis Bias, lives in Thayer, MO.  (Apr 2000)  Louis W. Bias died on Apr 9, 2006 (Jun 2008)
George Blank, lives with his wife, Jeanette, on W. Calle Excelso in Green Valley, AZ 85614-2861 Email: Graduated from the U. of Cal (Berkeley) in 1955 as a Metallurgical Engineer. I spent three years in the navy as a gunnery officer. I married and had three children. (two boys, one girl and now, four grandchildren) I worked in metals research, manufacturing and retired as owner of a precision machine shop in Tucson, AZ. I am now living in Green Valley, AZ. My hobbies are road and trail biking, hiking and digital photography. (Nov 2001)
Lois Blair (Roberts),  resides in San Francisco (P.O.Box 421136 San Francisco CA 94142-1136) . E-mail:   I have three successful grown daughters who also have, between them, three successful daughters.  I have always lived in California; most of that time (almost 30 years) in Fremont where I had my home & family.  I spent many years going to San Jose State taking one or two classes at a time.  I received my B.A. and teaching credential in 1966.  I did substitute teaching in several districts for 20 years.  When my girls left home, I was single and returned to SJS to get an M.A. in art.  I sold my house and moved to San Jose for a year before moving to San Francisco in 1986.  Since moving to San Francisco, I have ushered in theaters, taken classes in art and worked for both the Better Business Bureau and the EOC.  Now that I am fully retired, I still do volunteer ushering museum attendance and art production.  San Francisco is a wonderful city for single people and I am enjoying it.(Oct 2002)  I now have a grandson named Jordan.  He was born Oct 1, 2004 and is living with my youngest daughter, Becky, and her husband in Willow Glen (Oct 2005) I am the Great Grandmother of Auden Minor born June 2007. His mother, Stephanie, is a teacher in Los Angeles. (Oct 2007)
Hugh Bonds, lives with his wife, Ruth, on Cold Springs Rd., Placerville, CA 95667 email:   After graduation in 1950, I joined the US Navy and stayed on duty in a submarine.  Four years was a long time aboard a sub.  Everything else seemed to fly by.  After the service, I went to college at SJSU and finished at Fresno State.  I was married to Pat and we had a girl, Julie.  I taught in Campbell elementary schools for 34 years.  That seemed like a long time too.  My first wife died in 1985.  I remarried into a ready-made family comprised of Ruth and her two girls, Julie (yes, another Julie), Sue and one boy, Brad.  I retired in 1993, sold my house, bought a 32-ft. motor home and we started traveling the United States.  We now live in Placerville and love it here. (Nov 2002)
Beverly Booth ( Gandler), lives with husband, Bud, on Goldpine Way, San Jose, CA 95120  Email:   After graduation from Campbell high School I went to San Jose State and graduated in 1955 with a B.A. in Psychology.  I was hired by IBM in their Purchasing Department and I later became their first women buyer.  I met my husband Bud at IBM and we were married in 1957.  He had gone into the Air Force and we moved to Texas and Arkansas.  My two children, Cindy and Scott, were both born in Arkansas.  When his tour of duty ended in 1960, we returned to San Jose and later bought our first home in Almaden valley.  I became a stay at home Mom, raising my two children.  We moved with IBM to Boca Raton, Florida.  We were there for three years, and again returned to San Jose with Memorex and again bought a house in the Almaden valley and have been here for 33 years. (We love the area!!!)

In 1977, with my neighbor as partner, I purchased Color Carousel, a paint, wallpaper, and interior design store.  I sold it to my partner in 1990 and worked as a travel agent for a few years before retiring in January 2000.  Bud and I both love to travel and we have traveled extensively to France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Australia.  We especially love the wine regions of France and California and Australia.  We have also been in most states in the US.

We have seven grandchildren.  My daughter has five: one eleven year old and four three year olds.  My son has an eleven year old and a two year old.  Unfortunately, I have never been to a reunion and really looking forward to this one. (Hope name tags have large print!!!) (Apr 2003)
Harry Bowen, lives on Blacow Rd, Fremont, CA 94538  (Feb 2003) We need more information, Harry
Alvin Brannon, lives on Elderslie Drive in Germantown, TN.  (May 2005) We need more information, Al
Abel (Abe) Brown, lives with his wife, the former Joan Desmond (Class of '49), on Bohannon Drive in Santa Clara, CA. 95050.  E-mail:  Joan and I have been retired for ten years.  We have been married 51 years and have two children, one of each.  We also have four grandchildren; all in college.  We are in reasonably good health and spend our time living the good life. (Jul 2002)
Janet Brown (Browne), lives on Starview Ln., Lincoln, CA 95648  
1952-1971: Married Wm Richardson and settled in San Jose.  We had three children; one girl and two boys (one deceased). Divorced in 1971.  
1955: Contracted polio and have used a wheelchair since then.
1972: Joined the Calif Assoc of Physically handicapped (CAPH) and became an advocate for the disabled at local, regional, and state levels. My expertise is in the fields of accessible public transportation and removal of architectural barriers.
1974: Married Joe Browne, a Caltrans Planning Engineer. We have ten grandchildren and three great grandchildren between us. During the next three years I worked as part of a team to make the city of Campbell barrier-free (with future son-in-law Rusty Hammer). Also worked with my peers in San Jose to retrofit the city buses with wheelchair lifts. The high point of my advocacy career was reached when I was elected by my peers to be one of eight Calif delegates to Pres. Carter's White House Conference on Disabilities in May, 1977.
1977: Moved to Napa and worked with others of like mind to convince the City of Napa to retrofit their buses with lifts. Napa was the first rural city in Calif to do so.
1982-2000: Served as chairperson of the Napa County Paratransit Coordinating council working with that council to develop expanded paratransit and fixed route services.
1996: Joe retired from Caltrans as District director of District 4 which includes the nine SF bay Area Counties.
2001: We moved to Sun City, Lincoln Hills (a Del Webb community) located in Lincoln, CA. Lincoln is the fastest growing city in Calif. We like it here and I'm still at it monitoring Lincoln's public transportation system (especially their paratransit service). (Apr 2003)
Lyn Brown, (with one ‘n’ please) lives with his wife, Marlene, at 653 Cranford Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45240 Email:  Greetings from Cincinnati, chili capital of America, our home for the last 17 years.  I am very fortunate being married to the same enchanting woman for 47 years. We’ve extended our family line with two married sons and one granddaughter. Back in ‘53 the army trained me to kill in Korea -- then sent me off to fight beer hall battles in Germany. On a three-day pass, I met my future life’s companion: Marlene Bieler in Zurich, Switzerland. “She’s the right one”, a phychic once told me. “You traveled halfway round the world to find her.”  After our ‘56 marrage in Campbell we became neighbors of Bill and Carol (Bohnett) Tatum, long since divorced. Bummed around and worked a while for Western Electric installing telephone office dial systems but grew weary of crawling along dusty cable racks near the ceiling. Hired on with San Jose GE Nuclear as a wireman working my way toward a salaried position thanks to many night school classes. When downsizing came in 1986 we left Willow Glen for Cincinnati where and I finished up as a standards engineer with GE Aircraft Engines, and retired 10 years ago. Then life really began. That swaggering duck-tailed kid in clunky steel tapped shoes and very unwashed Levi’s, who unnecessarily disappointed his decent parents so long ago, is now something to be proud of. The arrogance and selfishness of that punky kid dogged me for years until I survived that airline crash outside of Chicago. How quickly I learned the blessing of being alive and breathing. But what I needed was more balance in my life, so I tried giving back a little and found it fulfilling. A volunteer nursing home advocate for ten years and later a court-appointed guardian for a 90-year-old Alzhiemer’s resident. And one day each week lending a hand at the local Mercy Hospital. It’s basically a grunt job, but hey, -- it keeps me off the streets. On the fun side, we travel on adventure trips seeing a lot of the world. Paddling, snorkeling, hiking, backpacking and going grubby makes a good trip. Heel spurs and age slowed down my 17-year love affair with running after logging over 5000 miles. Now I in-line skate and workout weekly ‘weakly’ at the gym. Writing fiction short stories is my undying passion. A few have been published. (Thank you, Mrs. Winston.) I am saddened by the passing of those classmates we knew so well back in 1950, but it’s gratifying that so many of us have survived long enough to look like our own grandparents. By the way ladies (and I’ve always wanted to say this) thanks for looking so sexy, so classy, so feminine and so womanly in those innocent high school years we once lived. By comparison today’s girls look like, -- well, guys. (Mar 2003)  One more thing. The classmates who attended the 25th reunion in 1975 might like to know that we also had reservations and looked forward to attending the event.  On that evening, we dressed and drove out to the country club near Kaiser Hospital only to find the place dark.  It was closed.  Even the driveway was locked.  It seems that one of us had mistakenly marked the calendar for the 25th of the month for the 25th reunion.  Wrong !!! The reunion had already occurred the previous weekend and we were dissapointed.  However, we the best dressed couple at Denny's that night. (Apr 2003) Just returned from a 3 week cruise through Antarctica and up the fjords of the Magellan Straits. Although we had 4 continuous nights without darkness it was the most beautiful land we have ever seen...and the last free place on earth. Penguins, whales, seals, icebergs, it has it all. Temperatures there were in the 40s while back in Cincinnati it was a chilly 35. Now I have another pin to add to my world map. (Jan 2006)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageEarl Brownfield, deceased Feb 1972. Can anyone add any details?
Gloria Buckmaster (Eaton - Gulford), lives on Brant St.,  Reno, NV 89503.  E-mail: I married right after graduation, we had three beautiful children and three lovely grandchildren; two girls and a boy.  My husband drove race cars and we traveled up and down California.  In ‘64, we divorced.  In the 70's, my hobby was breeding and raising Dobermans, then “Rotts” in the 80's.  (I now have a Maltese.)  In the 60's, 70's and 80's, I worked for Fairchild Semiconductor where I was a factory coordinator dealing with off-shore plants in Jakarta and Singapore.  I left Fairchild in the late 80's and went to work for Weitek, as startup company in Sunnyvale.  I was everything from janitor to shipping and receiving.  The work was more fun watching the company grow.  I moved to Reno in ‘91 and went to work as a finance manager for a small Catholic school.  I also worked as a security screener for the Reno-Tahoe airport.  Then the Federal Government took over and we were all out of a job.  I remarried in August of 2002.  My husband and I decided to retire so we bought an RV and plan to see the USA.(Mar 2003)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageFlorence Burrell, born 22 July 1932 in Santa Clara, CA, deceased 6 July 1984 in New Westminister, BC. (Note: This record is for Florence Janet Burrell.  Our classmate was Florence Jeanette Burrell)  Can anyone add any details?

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