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If they're not here, we're still waiting for them to check in.       
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageMarvin Scarper, lives with his wife, Joan, at 9856 Blasi Drive, Windsor, CA 95492  Email:   We have a girl, a boy and two grandchildren.  Following high school, I attended S.J. State U. where I received a B.A. and M.A.  I also did graduate work at Stanford and the U. of Santa Clara.  I served two years in the US Army which included two months temporary duty at the atomic testing site, Camp Desert Rock, NV.  I worked as a teacher, counselor and administrator in the Fremont High School District in Sunnyvale/Cupertino for 32 years.  I retired in 1989  (Sep 2002) Marvin Scarper died on March 30, 2006. Last residence was reported to be in Lincoln, Placer County, CA (Jun 2008)
Gayle Schrader (Wagner) lives with her husband, Adoph (Sonny), on Gowan Way, Redwood Valley, CA. 95470  E-mail:  Attended San Jose State following high school. Graduated in 1954. Married Adolph in June 1954. He left for Korea three weeks later. I taught at Pala School in the Alum Rock District for four years. At that time Adolph had graduated from SJ State. We bought a pear and prune ranch in Ukiah, CA. We also took care of my fathers ranch. We have two children. Rick, a sergeant in the Sheriff's Department of Mendocino County, has two children. Tricia works for Ritz Foods, is married and has no children, ,just chocolate labs. We farmed until l989. During that time we went into grapes as prunes did not do too well in this area. I took care of the books, raised the children and worked part time in several dress shops in Ukiah owned by our good friends. In 1987 we bought 80 acres in Redwood Valley. A beautiful setting with rolling hills, fir and pine trees, deer, quail and wild turkeys. In l988 we sold our ranch in Ukiah, built a home in Redwood Valley and moved in on January 20, 1989. This was our dream house that we had planned 35 years ago. After we moved in I went to work for the Savings Bank of Mendocino County, where I worked for 12 years. Retired in 2000. Adolph continued to do vineyard management and consulting and retired in December of 2002. While the children were growing up we did a lot of snow skiing and water skiing. We were fortunate to have Lake Mendocino only a few miles away. We spent many hours on the lake teaching all the kids to ski. When Rick and Tricia left for college we purchased a travel trailer. Took many trips, fishing, playing golf and sight seeing. We have upgraded to a larger trailer as we are spending much more time traveling. We have been to Australia and New Zealand, as well as China and Hong Kong. We spend two weeks in February each year on the Kona Coast of Hawaii. In 2000 we downsized to one acre, four miles closer to town and in an area where the neighbors are a little closer. We feel more comfortable leaving our home when we are traveling. I am looking forward to a class reunion. Its been a long time since our 20th. Hope there will be a good turn out. If you need any long distant help just let me know. Made copies of the flyer and sent them to Marilyn Luther Barrett.  (Jan 2003)
Paul Schifano, lives at 1370 McBain Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008 with his wife, Mary Ann.  E-mail:  We are grandparents to Trevor and Brooke, and parents of Joe, Mary, Sam, & Sharon. I retired from optometry after 30 years of having my office in San Jose, then seven years of having it in Campbell.  I learned the art of picking prunes, walnuts and almonds around our city. The farms disappeared around here but my love to farm stayed with me,  so I spent my weekends in Patterson growing trees there in the valley. My Campbell High memories: That ride Jolly Jones gave me on his motorcycle.  The dances after the football games, then off to the 5-Spot for a shake.  Ahhh, those were the good old days. (May 2002)  As of July 2009 We lost our son Sam 18.5 years after his 1988 head injury accident, now he is in peace. On the brighter side we have four more grandchildren to add: Kevin & Brianna from Mary; and Adam & Sarah from Sharon. Our two new granddaughters were born the same week and are about to reach the age of three. As for me, I'm piddling around here in Campbell and still trying to grow trees in Paterson.  (July 2009)
Sally Seacord (Roeske), lives on Summer Avenue, Aptos, CA  95003. Email:  I was married to Ron Roeske (class of 1950) from 1952 to 1980. We have three children and three grandchildren.  We lived back east for a few years and than lived in Florida for twenty years.  I was in real estate for ten years in Florida before moving back to California in 1988.  My children live in Florida and Arizona so I frequently fly out to visit them and see old friends. I love to travel and have traveled in the Caribbean, Europe and much of the U.S.  (Feb 2003) Sally now lives in Felton, CA and will be moving soon to Arizona.  Email: (updated Jun 2005)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageNeola Self (Samsky), deceased Aug 20, 1994 in Le Flore, OK
 (Mar 2003)
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImageJean Shaddox (Hughes), deceased (May 2002) She and her husband lived on Fairbanks Ave, Campbell and were the parents of two daughters.  Her husband was a tool and die maker. (1970)
Ferne Sharpe (England), lives on Lester Lane with husband, Jim England (CUHS '49), Los Gatos, CA 95032   Email:  We have two boys, one girl and three grandchildren.  I worked for the Air Force for four years.  Then I was with the Cupertino School District for four years.  I retired from state civil service on June 30, 1992.  Jimmy was with the Air Force for four years and then went to work for Food Machinery for 33 years.  We travel quite a bit and enjoy seeing the world.  (May 2003)
Charles Shepardson, lives with his wife, Sherry, in Los Gatos, CA  (May 2002) We need more information, Charles
Orme "Shock" Shockley, lives in Florence, KY.  Email: After attending San Jose State for two years I entered the Air Force, hoping to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a Fighter Pilot. Two years later I was in Korea flying F-86 Sabre Jets at age 22. I had found my niche!! I was hooked!!  I later met beautiful Lily, my soul-mate of 45 years in San Antonio, TX. We were soon married in Clovis, NM where she reined me in and proceeded to teach me to be an "Officer and a Gentleman". Together we did the world (the good and the bad) while raising four sons (Kevin, Kelly, Keane, and Kyle). This lady was a "Supermom", having to cope with such a hyper lifestyle. After 26 years of flying and fighting in the latest and greatest fighter planes in the world, I retired from the Air Force in the grade of Colonel. I am the recipient of the Silver Star, six Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Bronze Star, 18 Air Medals, two Distinguished Service Medals, etc.  I enjoyed a second career in Financial Management until we were jolted back to reality by the sudden loss of our youngest son. We packed it in and moved to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho where we built our retirement home on a mountain top and hunted, fished, and four-wheeled in the back country.  After four years, the Great North West beckoned and we found ourselves in Bellingham, WA. We soon became avid boaters (love that GPS and radar) and cruised and fished the beautiful waters of Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and British Columbia. Orcas were our frequent companions and we were blessed to have experienced the wild beauty of these and other creatures in their native habitat. We remained in "Bellingham by the Bay" for ten years (a Shockley record).  So "Why Florence, Kentucky?" you ask.  It's the Grandchildren, of course!!!  We were all in need of some serious bonding. Not to mention that Cincinnati Int'l Airport is just 20 minutes away and #3 son is a pilot for Delta and based here. We've been here for four years (we're getting the itch) but alas, we may be here for awhile. Keane and I are building a sport plane.  And so goes the "Never Ending Story".  Life is Good!!!!. Ya'l come visit!  (May 2003)
Gloria Silva, lives on Monterey Ave. in Menlo Park, CA  94025 (May 2005) We need more information, Gloria
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition ImagePete Silva, deceased Sep 8, 1997 (Oct 2002)
Richard Sisemore, lives with his wife, the former Marie Ratledge (CUHS '51), in Meadow Vista (P. O. Box 158), CA  95722.  We have been togegher since 1950, had five boys and now have two grandchildren.  We lost a son to a drunk driver in 1977.  We have lived in the Meadow Vista - Auburn area since 1978.  I retired from the construction business in 1992 and we bought a motor home.  Right now, I am considering yet another project and that is, building a home for ourselves on a recently purchased lot. P. S. Why can't we have our reunion at the old CUHS Gym? (Aug 2002) Email Richard at (Jul 2009)

Warren Sisk, lives with his wife, Susan, on Oakes View Ln., Anacortes, WA 98221.  Email: (Dec 2006)  Hello everybody.  Welcome to the Great Northwest.  The Monday after graduation, I went to work at T&D Garage in Santa Clara.  That started my mechanical career.  In 1951, Dennis Arnold (CUHS ‘49) and I built a hard-top race car and hired Ollie Johnson (CUHS ‘48) to drive it which he did for three years.  In 1954, Dennis and I built a new car for the 1954 season.  I started my driving of race cars at that time and continued until 1960 in NASCAR on tracks up and down the California coast from Santa Rosa to Los Angeles.  In 1959, I met my wife to be in a bowling league in San Jose.  That year, Susan Thomas and I married in St. Mary’s Church in Santa Clara.  Sue was born in Seattle, WA. She later moved to Juneau, Alaska where she graduated from Juneau High School.  Our first child, Alexandra (Sandy), was born in 1960.  I was working for Sim Clark Automotive in Santa Clara at that time.  From 1952 to 1960, I had worked at Food Machinery Corp. in the Experimental Division.  My wife worked for the John Bean Division next door.  In 1962, a son, David, was born at San Jose Hospital.  In 1964, we packed up and moved to Seattle, WA.  I found a job at a Rambler dealer as a mechanic and worked a year, then rented a house and brought the family up.  In 1966, son, Jon, was born in Seattle.  In 1967, I went to work for the Carnation Company as a fleet mechanic.  That lasted 24 years; the last eight years as Fleet Supervisor.  In 1991, Carnation sold to Nestle Co.  I semi-retired at that time.  My wife, Susan, worked at Children’s Hospital in Seattle for 24 years as a Transcriptionist and retired in 2000.  I went to work for Carrier Co. in transport refrigeration parts.  The company sold to Utility Trailer so I fully retired in Feb. 1998.  I built a house in Anacortes, WA where I stayed four years before buying a house overlooking the San Juan Islands.  That’s what’s been happening up ‘till now.  Daughter Sandy, owns two martial arts studios and has two children, six and fourteen.  Son David works for Harley Davidson.  His wife, Laura is going to school to become a Transcriptionist.  They have no children.  Son Jon is a captain for Horizon Airline, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines.  He is married to Cathy and has two girls, three and five.  Hobbies are: Susan - gardening, crafts, reading, children and grandchildren.  Warren - bowling, watching races, walks, children and grandchildren, motorcycle riding (have two) and enjoy watching boat traffic to the islands.  It doesn’t seem like much for 53 years. (Jan 2003)
Jack Slayton, lives on Woodcrest Way, Modesto Ca. 95355   Email:    I went to work for, what was originally, "red star industrial service,” right out of high school. They eventually became Aramark uniform, and I worked for them for 43 yrs and I retired in 1993. Upon retirement, I drove limo part time for five yrs. I enjoyed driving all of those CEO's and VIP's around.  Once while driving the husband of the CEO of a very large company, I told him, "I see you've upgraded your living space" and his comment back to me was, "Yea we did, and I never ever thought that we'd buy a 23 million-dollar fixer upper."  I married twice. I have two children by my first marriage, Lee Ann and Rick. My second wife, Laqueta and I have been together for 28 yrs. She has three children by her first marriage and we have 10 grand children and five great grand children with one due in June. They are the joy of our lives. Over the years I have enjoyed remodeling three houses, kitchens and bath rooms. Just the past few months, I helped my son Rick remodel his condo in San Jose, and I enjoyed spending someone else's money. Four years ago we sold our duplex in San Jose and bought a duplex in Modesto.  We live on one side and my step daughter and son-in-law on the other side.  Their grand children are our great grand children, so we enjoy the grand and great's together.  We attend the Assemblies of God church in Modesto, "Calvary Temple.”  It was hard adjusting to the Modesto life style and weather, but we love our home and enjoy being around the children.  The only "child" my wife Laqueta and I have together is our "dog" Tyler. He's the real highlight of our lives. Life and God have been good to me. (Apr 2003)
Wanda Jean Spears (McCarthy), lives on Camilla Wy, Los Altos, CA 94024  I have been a widow for the past 15 years. I have three grown children and nine grandchildren. I graduated from San Jose State University with an RN degree in nursing. I worked for 22 years at the Veteran's Hospital in Palo Alto. (Jan 2003)
Jim Spillman, lives with his wife,  Barbara, on Oxbow Marina Drive in Isleton, CA 95641  E-mail:   After high school, I worked for several years before returning to SJSU. to obtain an engineering degree.  The first job thereafter involved the design of computerized systems. That specialty stuck and in the  following years, we lived at various times in Arizona, Germany, Washington DC, San Jose and Studio City, CA.  In 1977, I authored "Spillman's Handbook of Conversion Factors."  I retired in 1989 and because we have always been into boating (water skiing, sailing),  moved to the Sacramento Delta. For lack of someone else who actually knows what he is doing,  I occasionally serve (pro bono) as the neighborhood computer 'guru'.  We travel several months each year in our RV and have attended some 25 Elderhostel events; mostly hiking in the southwest U.S. plus four bicycle tours in England, Italy, Germany-Austria and Denmark.  We have two super, now adult, children (a boy and a girl). In June 2002, our family grew by one sensational daughter-in-law and in July 2005, by one handsome grandson and in June 2007, by one beautiful granddaughter (Jun 2007) Sadly, we lost our grandson, who suffered from a birth defect, in November 2008.  We are making a major move for old geezers to Sierra Vista, Arizona in March (Mar 2009)  Had a heart valve replaced (Sep 2009)
Robert (Bob) Sunzeri, lives on Borina Drive, San Jose, CA 95129  E-mail: After graduating from Campbell High, I spent two years in the army in Korea. Later, I graduated from San Jose State and went on to get a chiropractic degree from Life University.  I am now retired, enjoying my four grand kids, taking digital photos and making digital movies of how the valley was.  Anyone interested in digital photography?  Give me a call (408-252-1317) or e-mail. (Sep 2002)
Ed Surian, lives with his wife, Bette, on Corvallis Drive, San Jose, CA 95120. After graduation, I went to work for my father (Frank Surian & Sons).  In September of 1950, I married Barbara Mann and settled in Almaden.  We were married nine years and had two children; Kathi (1951) and David (1952).  We were divorced in 1959 but still remain friends.  I remarried in 1963 and still live in the Almaden area.  I have three grandchildren (David’s); Becky 22, Cassandra “ and (Kathi’s) Danny 13.  My son and his wife live in Gilroy and my daughter and her husband live in Denver.  My wife and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on May 18, 2003.  I became a partner in Frank Surian & Sons in 1964 and president in 1990.  I am now semi-retired and my son, David, is now president.  We have done many projects in the past 57 years.  City work includes four buildings at the San Jose airport and fire houses; last one #28 on McKeen Road. New buildings at Kelly Park & Vasona Park, Solari Park, Alma Community Center, Adobe restoration of Alviso Adobe, Higiere and Peralta.  Many churches and schools; the last big church was St. Anthony’s on McKeen Road.  The latest school job was a $4 million addition to Chobya School.  My wife and I still live in the Almaden are where I have lived all my life.  We have done some traveling including cruises to the Caribbean, So. America, Mexico, Greek Islands, Black Sea and China.  We have been to Egypt, Jordan, Portugal, Turkey and Italy (twice) where we visited the towns where my mother and father were born.  We have also been to Russia, Japan, France and Belgium.  We are planning a cruise to Alaska in August.  We also enjoy going to Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe for golf and gambling.  I try to play golf once a week and I did get lucky once gambling on my 65th birthday (I hit Keno for $70,000 at Lake Tahoe) but they are getting it back one trip at a time. We are also 49er fans; have season tickets but haven’t gone much lately; we miss Joe and Steve.  We are looking forward to the reunion.(Feb 2003)

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